The View from the Office

Of course, this is not the view from MY desk… I have a lovely view of the parking lot on the other side of the building. I guess I shouldn’t complain, however, since at least I have a view. Some of my colleagues sit in the middle of an open space in cubicles. I spent 13 years in an office in the center of the building with no natural light whatsoever.

I shot this today as I was taking a break and walking around the perimeter of our complex. The lake used to be full, but as you can see here, several feet of lake bottom is showing. I started to get a closer-up picture of the boat and the geese, but decided to pull back and get a photo of the whole scene, complete with gorgeous fall colors.

This was taken with my backup camera. It works great when there is plenty of light, and I love the color I can get with it. It’s nice to have one I can carry so easily, as my more “serious” camera is quite heavy. I think I’m getting lazy. :)


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