The Royals

England may have Prince William and Kate, but Sandy Springs has the King and Queen buildings.

Sitting just north of I-285 near Perimeter Mall, the King and Queen buildings stand high above the buildings surrounding them in the Concourse at Landmark office park. Built in the late 80s/early 90s, the 34-story buildings are a familiar landmark to anyone traveling on the north side of the city. The white lattice “crowns” are meant to resemble king and queen chess pieces.

The oddly set angles of the upper floors give the illusion that the upward edges of the building are not truly vertical, but they are.

This photo was taken over my shoulder in my car while sitting still on the interstate. Oh well, if you have to be sitting in traffic, it’s nice to have something interesting to look at. :)

As I was about to add the details link, I noticed that there are two window washers on the left side of the king buildings. They will look like little dots to you, even when you look at the details. :)

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