Fire in the Sky

Another building shot… two nights in a row! However, this one is not about the architecture, but about the sunset. I don’t know how many of you saw it tonight, but it was a hugely brilliant and fiery one! I took a couple of shots of it through my windshield while stopped at traffic lights, but, of course, got all the extraneous cars, wires, poles, and other city crap in the images.

I then noticed how beautiful the sun’s reflection was in this building’s windows, so I whipped into their parking lot, drove to the highest corner and took several shots. Of course, it was handheld, so the noise is pretty bad in the shadows, but the colors came out very nice and true to what I was seeing.

Referring back to an earlier post about doing random acts of kindness, newswoman Ann Curry has starting a #26Acts campaign on Twitter, encouraging people to do at least 26 acts of kindness for folks in honor of the 26 victims at Sandy Hook Elementary. Who knows what kind of awesome fire that spark might start.

Just Google “#26acts” and you’ll get lots of news about it. Or follow this link to read more.

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