Year in Review

The day was kind of blah for taking any new photos, so I decided to comb back through this year’s thousands of images and pick one of my favorites. I actually had several that I liked a lot, but this one just makes me happy every time I look at it, so it wins. :)

I wish that I had a way with words, because I’ve been sitting here a long time, fingers poised over keyboard, waiting for inspiration to write something worthy of the time it takes to read it. But then I figure that you’re probably just browsing Facebook anyway, so you’ve got time to waste. Knowing that takes some of the pressure off. :)

It’s been a good year overall. I had a few days of anxiety when I was waiting to hear the report from some skin biopsies. That time of “not knowing” certainly brings gratefulness for health into sharp focus, especially after the report is a good one. Seeing my parents become more feeble with every passing visit is very difficult and worrisome, but they’re still here and still kicking.

Of course, relationships are always a refining process. Whether it’s family, friends, co-workers, or my partner, the relationships which matter most to me are often the sources of my greatest joy and my greatest frustration. Being self-aware and willing to look inward at the things I bring to (and take out of) a relationship have always been things I’ve been comfortable with, but this year has been even more eye-opening and humbling in that respect. I’m so fortunate to have so many talented, intelligent, supportive, hard-working, and loving people in my life. Having them be patient with me as I strive to become the better person I want to be is truly a blessing.

I had some real sadness early on in the year when I had to put down my sweet beagle, Maggie. She was such a bundle of joy and unconditional love. Of course, in July, fate dropped Eddie into my lap, and so my life with dogs (which I thought was over) continues. And of course, my two orange tabbies continue to be a source of happiness and amusement.

Got to do a little traveling… to Minnesota and to Cumberland Island… and that was nice, to get away and to see some different things. I hope to do more traveling in the coming years.

I reached the five-year mark with my employer in October. I’m so lucky to have a good job where I enjoy what I do, the people with whom I work, and the fact that I don’t have a bad commute. In Atlanta, having an easy commute is worth a LOT of money, time, and hassle!!

I started out the year planning to post a photo a day along with my thoughts about it. Of course, I didn’t succeed in doing it every day, but I did post 226 new photos, each with its own blog post. So that’s 61% of the year or a little more than four posts per week. I’m going to continue my posts next year. I feel that not only did looking for something to take a photo of every day help me improve my photography skills, it also helped be more mindful of my surroundings.

There were times when I saw something special that I wanted to take a photo of, and I would stop and do it. But often, the photo didn’t turn out like I expected, or I didn’t catch “the moment” or I didn’t have the right lens, or whatever. At first, I would get frustrated about it, but then I came to realize how fortunate I was to even BE in that moment, experiencing whatever it was I was attempting to capture. It has helped me put the focus more on enjoyment and less on results. Oddly enough, I’ve found the results often happen anyway.

So, for those who follow my blog, you saw about 61% of my life in 2012. The other 39% was remarkably similar to it… filled with the beautiful and the mundane, the awe-inspiring and the ordinary… probably, a lot like your own life. ;)

Thank you for taking time to look at my photos and/or read my posts. I enjoyed sharing them with you. To all of you, I wish health, happiness, and love in 2013! Let’s make it a good year!!

Be the change you wish to see in the world. –Gandhi

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