Some Enchanted Evening

Sandee and I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Garden of Lights event tonight. It was sooo cool… in both ways! It was an amazing sight, and it was very cold, but worth the discomfort.

We didn’t get back until a little while ago, so I haven’t had time to cull through all of the photos, but here’s one that came out okay. Interestingly, the blue lights showed up as the most “neon” in my photos of all of the other colors. And the sky was an interesting color. I don’t remember it being as “red” as you see it here, but I think it was the reflection of the city lights and the addition of all these garden lights.

This is one of my favorite shots because it includes the Chihuly sculpture that I like so much… a little distorted because I was using my wide-angle lens. This is made from five different images ranging from a one-second to a 15-second exposure. You can see the ghostly images of people walking around, but I kind of like that. It was surprisingly crowded for such a cold Wednesday night, but I guess since the event ends on Friday, many folks wanted to get in a visit before it’s gone. Check it out if you have a chance.

Details, if you’re interested.

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