Orbs That Rule the Night


These “musical” orbs were my very favorite part of the Garden of Lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Wonderful Christmas music was being piped into the surrounding area, and the orbs were changing colors and fading on and off in sync to the melody and the mood of the music. I took a LOT of shots of this (wishing I’d had my video camera), and just thought I’d compile some of my favorite color combinations. This is four different shots stacked one on top of another to show how the lights changed.

The tallest orbs were about 16-20 feet high, and the layout spanned the length of almost a football field. You can see people silhouetted against the tree way in the background. That’s how far away the orbs were all the way down the left-hand side, and about three-quarters of the way down the right. So they didn’t make a complete horseshoe shape, but almost.

It was quite magical.

First of all, the title is a variation of the opening lyrics to Knights in White Satin by The Moody Blues. Love that song!

Second, I did not create this photo in my usual way and link it to my SmugMug site, so for some reason, it’s breaking the border of my blog width. Oh well, not that big a deal, but ’tis outside the norm. :)

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