Little Happinesses

“I wish my stove came with a ‘Save As’ button like Word has. That way I could experiment with my cooking and not fear ruining my dinner.
― Jarod Kintz

Okay, so I’m becoming food-obsessed. Not really so much with eating it, because I’m not eating that much, but with making it! For someone who has never really cooked on any kind of regular basis before, this whole process is fascinating! It amazes me that you can put individual ingredients together, and they come out something good and edible! I mean really, who was the first person to figure out that if you put flour, eggs, sugar, and other stuff together and heated it, it would become a cake?!

I’ve also heard people talk about how cooking is relaxing to them, and I never understood that. The lingo of the kitchen was confusing. (What the heck is a Dutch oven? What is clarified butter? etc. And yes, I know the answers now. :) Plus, I was never good at matching side dishes with entrees, never good at knowing when to start one thing before another to try to get them all to come off at the same time. I’ve always been able to follow a recipe, but never felt confident enough to experiment with changing any of the ingredients.

So since I’ve been cooking more regularly and the food is actually good, I’m getting a lot more confident, and it’s really fun! Of course, I do it when I want to. I’m not expected to cook every day for a family. I’m sure that might take some of the “fun” out of it. :)

So last night, I made this buffalo chicken pizza and had strawberries, fresh celery, and ranch dressing to go with it. It was very good. However, next time, I’ll put less (or no) bleu cheese because I don’t really like the taste of it very much. The strawberries were perfectly sweet, and provided a cool counter to the hot flavor of the buffalo chicken.

For brunch today, I made a sausage and eggs casserole with a side of hash browns and the rest of the strawberries. Delicious!

Sandee is obviously encouraging my newfound hobby, since she’s often the beneficiary. I think she’s hoping it’s not just a passing phase. :)

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