Like a Hot Knife Through Butta!

Since I didn’t get to post last night while watching THE game, I thought I’d parallel the title honor of tonight’s blog post to the way Eddie Lacy bulldozed his way through Notre Dame’s defense!! What a shellacking!! Congrats to the Alabama Crimson Tide for making Alabama and the SEC proud!

Of course, the title also alludes to my photo… my set of knives just arrived this evening. I’m so excited! I’ve had a set that was okay to start with, but pretty cheap. Now that I’m preparing food a lot more, I quickly realized the need for a better set.

I got some good advice and opinions from friends on their preferences, but ultimately went with what I was already considering. First, they got a 4.8 out of 5-star rating from 96 Amazon users, which is pretty good, because Amazon reviewers can be brutally honest (and should be!). Second, they are high-carbon stainless steel and offer lifetime sharpening. And finally, what fun colors!! They will go perfectly in my bright red kitchen! :)

Actually, the colors serve a purpose in that they help differentiate the intended use for each knife. For example, the yellow knife is for citrus, the red knife is for tomatoes, the green is for paring, orange for bread, and so on. That will certainly help me remember the right tool for the job.

Sandee offered to buy them for me for my upcoming birthday, and well, how could I resist such a generous offer?! So Happy (early) Birthday to me!! Thanks, Sandee!

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