The Real Henny Penny

Yeah, that’s a chicken. And what you can’t see is that the chicken is wearing a red diaper with white polka dots. So then, do I win the prize for the strangest thing seen today? :)

I had to stop by the vet’s office to pick up some meds for Eddie, and one of the ladies working in the office (didn’t think to ask her name), was showing this chicken to another customer. She then came to help me, and I found out the chicken is her pet, a silky chicken named Penny.

Fortunately, I had my camera with me, so I asked if I could take some photos. She nicely agreed and let me take several photos of her lovely little friend. It’s so hard to believe those are feathers and not fur!

On a related note, a friend asked me the other day where I went to get the photos I take. I told her that, many times, it is simply a matter of keeping my camera with me almost all the time and being ready when the unexpected opportunity presents itself. I think this proves my point.  :)