Gibbs Gardens

I went to Gibbs Gardens in north Georgia for the first time today. It opened to the public last year in March, and it’s pretty cool.

I have a ton of photos to post later, but I wanted to put one of my favorites up tonight. Jim Gibbs is the owner of the gardens, and this is some of the gorgeous landscaping in the front of his house, seen in the distance. I can’t imagine I would like having strangers walking right up to my porch, but apparently, he doesn’t mind. :)

Anyway, I will post more pictures and more information about it later. If you’re interested, you can visit their website.

Details of the picture.  (The front flowers are out of focus because the focus was on the house in the distance. Normally, I focus on foreground objects, but not this time. Just wanted to let you know this was not a mistake. :)

Head Out on the Highway…

When I was leaving work today, I saw this lonely hog sitting in the parking lot. It belongs to one of my co-workers, and being a photographer himself, I figured he wouldn’t mind if I took a few pictures. I held the 10mm close to the ground and took about 15 shots. Of course, the first one I took was the one you see here. I could have gone home earlier if I’d realized that would happen! :)

This being taken in the parking lot, I caught a lot of the building and trees in the background. I would have asked the trees to move out of the way, but I’m sure they wouldn’t “leave.” :)

This spring weather almost makes me wish I had a motorcycle, but then I remember what a chicken I am, and I’m over it. :)

Interested in the details? 

Orange You Glad You Put Down Pinestraw?

I have driven by this little building several times, but never really paid attention to it until today. It was the red clay splatter that got my attention, and when I stopped (in the middle of the street… no one was behind me) to really look at it, I thought it was cool how stark the window was against the white and how the other window appeared through the dark from the other side.

It amuses me that no one bothered to wash off the wall before they put down the pine straw. I had a house once with a white cinder block crawlspace. It was a constant battle to keep the rain splatter dirt off it. But I think if I was going to the trouble to put down the straw, I’d go to the trouble to hose it off first. :)


A spread of fruit like this was part of every meal last week at our national Users Group meeting. I enjoyed taking photos of the desserts, salads, and even the bread, because it was so beautifully displayed and tasty looking. The tray was long and narrow, so that’s why this photo is so much shorter than most I post here.

Right after snapping this picture, there was one less piece of cantaloupe. :)

Gargoyle Gurgle

I had my camera with me today, but didn’t find anything interesting to shoot. This is from last year at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

I love how such whimsical objects pop up all over the garden. I like to imagine this is a retired gargoyle who got burned out on warding off evil spirits and decided to spend its later years chilling out as a water fountain. Notice the bird and the dragonfly on its head, which is made up of leaves. Love that kind of creativity… and in concrete no less! :)