Flower Power

These hydrangea flowers are what lured me, unprotected by OFF, into my back yard yesterday, whereupon I was devoured by several mosquitoes within the span of about five minutes.

When I was looking at these blooms through the viewfinder, I kept thinking that something was wrong with my lens. I didn’t have my glasses on, but it looked to me like the I was seeing “double flowers” through the lens. I finally got right up on them and saw that the flowers actually had a repeating pattern that I’d never noticed before.

Before they die, the green petals will turn the pretty pink that you see toward the top of the image. For now, they’re mostly white and green and quite lovely. I’ve let the bush get too “leggy” and so the blooms are hanging upside-down from the heaviness.

I like the detail. It shows the petal on top of petal on top of petal better.

My Happy Place

I have some friends going through some hard times, and it makes me sad.

The beauty of a place like this and the friendship of this group of people make me a little less sad. I wouldn’t mind going back soon.


Tilt Shift

This was taken from the balcony as the lifeguards were driving up and down the beach telling folks to get out of the water due to dangerous rip currents.

The shot itself is nothing special, but this is my first use of “tilt shift.” It’s a special lens effect that makes the non-blurred objects look almost toy-like and frozen in place. I’m not sure why it does this visually, but it makes for an interesting look.

Details here.

Sixteen Years

Yes, it’s been 16 years since I’ve been to the Gulf Coast. The only reason I remember how long ago it was, is because it was the weekend of Princess Diana’s funeral.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, but today has been stormy and raining pretty much all day. Fortunately, I really wanted to nap a lot, so that worked out well for me. For the younger ones with us… not so much. :)

This was taken right before sunset yesterday, and you can see the storm clouds were already sneaking in. Of course, this pink monstrosity was right in my way, but it kind of made for some interesting lines of convergence. I was using a 14mm lens, and it has a bit of bow that I couldn’t easily correct, so I just let it go. I’m not gonna fret over pictures on vacation. :)

You can see some details in this larger image.