Mugging for the Camera

I love it when a subject and a title come together perfectly. :)

Sarah and I enjoyed the sun yesterday, relaxing with cups of coffee on her patio. It is hard to beat a cup of hot coffee on a spring-like-weather morning, especially when the mugs are beautiful and fit nicely in one’s hands as they’re cupped.

I do so appreciate the small joys in life. :)

That Ain’t “Right”

One of my rare “vertical” photos (mainly because they don’t fit properly in this blog format). The bright sunlight off the upper bricks and the dark shadows below the trees made for some challenging lighting, but I think you can get the idea of its shape, which is the most interesting part.

This is the Circular Congregational Church in Charleston, serving both a Presbyterian (USA), and United Church of Christ congregation. Few right angles were to be found in the outer walls of this church, and I loved that about it! I blogged earlier about the cemetery behind this church, and how peaceful the area back there was.

It has quite a history, which you can read here. The most interesting of which is that it was founded in 1681… which would account for the many, many old tombstones behind it.

Sitting on Pines & Needles

This is a photo I took from a second-floor window where the snow had settled onto the top of my porch. I’d opened the window to see if the cats would go out and walk in the snow while I took their photos. They stepped out and then stepped right back in, eyes wide as if to say “Don’t EVER let us go out in that stuff again!!” Needless to say, my cats do not enjoy the snow with the same enthusiasm as Eddie. :)

Instead, I thought this image was nice and stark (and was perfectly still), so it became my subject for the day.

Sweet Love: I Need a Baker

For those of you who know and enjoy 80’s music, you might recognize the title as possibly my worst pun EVER! (And that’s saying something! :)

These beautiful cupcakes were given to me on my birthday by my friend, Jane. They were so beautiful, I just had to take a photo! I wish now I’d taken them out of the plastic heart, but I didn’t want to mess the icing up before snappingthe picture. And yes, they tasted as good as they look. And no, they are not helping with my efforts to lose weight. :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Sweet Love was a 1986 hit song by Anita Baker. (I hear you groaning now.)

155 Degrees

No, the title is not about the weather temperature, it’s about the approximate panorama view out of my bedroom window.

I couldn’t decide which way I wanted to shoot the snow scene, so I got my wide angle lens and shot twice, then stitched the two together. PhotoShop does a great job of finding the similarities in two photos and matching them up if the photos are at all along an approximately equal horizon line. These two were stitched somewhere along the middle of the fence across the street. (And not where a plank is missing. That’s actually not there. :)

Besides showing the snowy scene, it reminded me how many extremely tall pines there are in this neighborhood. (The tallest one in the middle does lean. That is not camera distortion.) That’s why I was so worried about the ice during this weather event. There are several trees as tall or taller than this all around my house. Fortunately, all is well. Hope everyone else fared as well as I did.


Hell Has Frozen Over

There’s just nothing like the sound of a four-wheeler on a quiet, snowy day, is there? The soft pitter patter of the sleet hitting the leaves and the ground joins in delicate harmony with the grinding roar of the 110cc engine. Up and down, up and down, up and down the street… from 9:30 this morning when this photo was taken until 7:45 while I’m writing this post, this amazing machine, balanced so perfectly with nature, has swerved perilously close to cars on the road, to my mailbox, to other children, for almost ten solid hours… and all under the watchful eye of parents. NOT!

Sigh. Apparently age 53 is when I officially became a grumpy old woman.