I’m Back!!

Goodness! It seems it was mid-October the last time I posted! That much time passing was not really intentional, but that’s the great thing about doing this for fun… I don’t have to meet anyone’s deadline! :)

2013 was a spotty year for my posting photos, and it was a spotty year for me personally as well. Lots of lows, and a couple of highs. I’m hoping (and believing) that 2014 is going to be better. I’m feeling good about posting regularly again, and February 1 is as good a place to start again as any. Not necessarily gonna try to do a daily post, but certainly going to start taking my camera with me again as I move out and about.

This photo was taken in Charleston in early January. Sarah (one of the good things about 2013) and I went to a wedding there for the weekend. On Sunday morning, we made it out to see the sunrise at the beach. As I mentioned on Facebook, it was my first time ever to see the sun rise over the ocean. Of course, I’d only seen the sun rise a few times before (maybe three?) over trees or over buildings, but never over the actual horizon. We who are not morning people see a LOT more sunsets than sunrises.

Being at the beach is a special feeling in itself. There’s something about the rhythm of the waves slapping on the shore and the sheer size of the ocean and sky which makes me feel so small, and yet, so connected to nature. Add into this the fact that we were practically alone on the beach and that I’d never seen the sun peek out from a speck of light to full-blown glory, and well… I was so moved, tears just came unbidden. Not sure exactly what I was feeling that made me emotional… maybe the connectedness? the beauty? letting go of a painful year? I don’t know exactly and don’t really care, but I know that, despite the tears, I wanted the event to last much longer than it did. I was surprised how little time it took for the sun to actually make it all the way over the line of the horizon.

I had been taking photos in between just standing there, admiring the beauty of it all, but I think this photo captures the moment when the sun was completely up. I know the image doesn’t compare to being there, but just seeing it again makes me remember I felt. Now if you will excuse me, I need to wipe a tear.

Details here. (If you look at it closely, you can see the rosy color in the white caps. Love that!)

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