I’ve Got So Much Honey, Baby, The Bees All Envy Me

This photo was taken in September of last year while I was on a wonderful “girls’ long weekend” with friends I’ve known since first grade. Thanks to Facebook, I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with some wonderful, long-time friends. When they said, “How about a road trip to Savannah?” I was in!! We had such a great time in the city and with each other. I’m hoping we make it a yearly thing if it works out.

This shot was taken in a shop on River Street. I was entranced by the store’s layout and product merchandising. They had several of their items in shelves shaped like honeycombs, and everything was very neat and cleanly displayed… no clutter among items nor among the displays themselves.

Of course, one of the coolest things about honey is its color, and they played it up to its fullest with beautiful lighting through the glass, showing off the particular colors to each of the different kinds of honey. So… put your honey in an elegant bottle, slap on a nice label, shine a light on it to play up its visual appeal, and voila! You too can charge $23.85 for one bottle! Well done, display manager, well done!

(So apparently, I’m on a Motown title kick this week. :) For those of you who don’t recognize the title line, it’s from The Temptations’s song, My Girl.)


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