Not Much Action, But It Has a Good Plot

Yeah, it’s a strange photo for a birthday picture, but strange is good sometimes.

I’ve found that I really enjoy walking through cemeteries to take photos. They’re almost always quiet, rarely a crowd, and not a whole lot of movement going on. :)

This is a very old graveyard behind the Circular Church (which I will probably post a photo of later) in Charleston, SC. Some of the inscriptions on the stones were sooo long, detailing so much of the deceased’s life… much like an obituary on their tombstone. Others were much more brief, with only the usual name and birth and death dates.

As Sarah and I read some of the older ones, we found that many of them still used the Old English spellings, inserting “f” instead of “s” and “V” instead of “U” and so on. We started reading them aloud, using the phonetics of the letter that was actually there, rather than what would be written in today’s English. Who knew cemeteries could be so amusing? I hope the residents didn’t mind.

Anyway, at the back of the cemetery was a huge oak tree creating a most pleasant shade and quiet oasis away from the main road just a few hundred yards away. It’s this tree that I’m standing under and shooting back across the cemetery and toward the church. Whomever staked out their plots back there early on got the good seats. :)


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