155 Degrees

No, the title is not about the weather temperature, it’s about the approximate panorama view out of my bedroom window.

I couldn’t decide which way I wanted to shoot the snow scene, so I got my wide angle lens and shot twice, then stitched the two together. PhotoShop does a great job of finding the similarities in two photos and matching them up if the photos are at all along an approximately equal horizon line. These two were stitched somewhere along the middle of the fence across the street. (And not where a plank is missing. That’s actually not there. :)

Besides showing the snowy scene, it reminded me how many extremely tall pines there are in this neighborhood. (The tallest one in the middle does lean. That is not camera distortion.) That’s why I was so worried about the ice during this weather event. There are several trees as tall or taller than this all around my house. Fortunately, all is well. Hope everyone else fared as well as I did.


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