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I’ve been without a working laptop for several months now, and I’m back up and running with a brand-spanky new one. And I’ve been re-loading software for the last three days. Now, it’s time to start back uploading photos.

This was taken in August, 2014 in a hostel in Deer Isle, Maine, where Sarah, a friend of ours, and I stayed for three days. The entire hostel and surrounding farm is off the grid. (I’ll probably talk more about it later as I dig back into some Maine photos.)

On this day, our hosts Anneli and Dennis were very happy that they were having a wonderful harvest of garlic. Guests are encouraged to help out around the hostel and farm, so someone’s chore was to bring in the garlic. I think she just wanted it inside, but of course, I had to set it in nice light and take a photo of the rusticness. :)

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