Little Bit ‘o Honey

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugThis sweet ol’ girl is Mama’s furry companion, Little Bit. She’s really been a lot of company to Mama since Daddy died a couple of years ago. Mama had never been big on having animals in the house, and for years, we never did let them in. As Daddy and his dogs got older, they stayed inside with him some during the day. When it was winter, or if one of them was sick, he’d sometimes let them spend the night inside. But for the most part, they were outside dogs.

After Daddy died, we had Little Bit’s mother, Lady, put down. It was something that should have been done earlier, but Daddy couldn’t bring himself to do it. Knowing that Mama couldn’t be going back and forth to the dog pen safely, and wanting her to have something to alert her to strangers, I encouraged her to make Little Bit an indoor dog.

Fast forward two years, and Mama cares for and frets over Little Bit as much as she did us. :)  And yeah, Little Bit is laying on a pillow in the recliner she’s claimed for herself… waiting for her prescription dog food for dinner. She’s landed in a tub of butter for sure! The furry ones definitely have a way of working their way into our hearts and lives.

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