Hospitable Hostel

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
This is the off-the-grid hostel in Deer Isle, Maine, where we vacationed for a few days last summer. Apparently, the generator was working full time this evening, since it seems every light was on. Our room was the one in the front on the upper right. The rest of the rooms upstairs were communal, with six (I think) people sleeping on cots. The downstairs was the communal sitting area and kitchen. The owners live in a small house that was behind me in this photo.

I was sitting outside near the fire pit, and exposed this photo for 60 seconds around 9:00pm. The ONLY light was coming from the house because we were in the middle of nowhere, and the sky was overcast. You can see the streaking movement of the clouds in the sky.

My favorite thing is the porch light casting its glow onto the corn in the garden. You can see the details better if you click on the photo.

(Deer Isle, Maine   |   August, 2014)

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