Don’t Believe Everything You See

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This amazing vehicle is a Polaris SlingShot. The husband of one of my co-workers brought it by the office a few days ago, and needless to say, it was getting a lot of attention in the parking lot. It’s an automobile/motorcycle hybrid (an “autocycle” if you will).

So I took a few photos in the parking lot, but decided it was too lovely a vehicle to have all of the parking lot distractions around it. I knocked out the background and “built” a studio background for it in PhotoShop. Just for fun, and to prove a point that you can’t believe everything you see, I changed the color as well. Granted, the reflection is not correct, but that’s because I didn’t want to spend anymore time on working on this one photo. To appreciate the beauty of this ride, you really should click the photo above to see the full-size image.

Here’s the original shot below. What can I say? The girl’s got some mad PhotoShop skillz. :)


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