Leisurely Morning Still Life

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Ahhh, the end of the first breakfast al fresco this year. Aren’t these beautiful colors? I love photographing fruit… it’s so vibrant and juicy.

Anyone else use sugar on their grapefruit, or is that just something I learned from my family?

I’ve Got So Much Honey, Baby, The Bees All Envy Me

This photo was taken in September of last year while I was on a wonderful “girls’ long weekend” with friends I’ve known since first grade. Thanks to Facebook, I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with some wonderful, long-time friends. When they said, “How about a road trip to Savannah?” I was in!! We had such a great time in the city and with each other. I’m hoping we make it a yearly thing if it works out.

This shot was taken in a shop on River Street. I was entranced by the store’s layout and product merchandising. They had several of their items in shelves shaped like honeycombs, and everything was very neat and cleanly displayed… no clutter among items nor among the displays themselves.

Of course, one of the coolest things about honey is its color, and they played it up to its fullest with beautiful lighting through the glass, showing off the particular colors to each of the different kinds of honey. So… put your honey in an elegant bottle, slap on a nice label, shine a light on it to play up its visual appeal, and voila! You too can charge $23.85 for one bottle! Well done, display manager, well done!

(So apparently, I’m on a Motown title kick this week. :) For those of you who don’t recognize the title line, it’s from The Temptations’s song, My Girl.)


Under the Boardwalk, Down by the Seeeeeaa, Yeah

So this is just a few minutes after sunrise at Folly Beach, SC, outside of Charleston, under the Folly Beach fishing pier. Of course, these center pylons basically hold up the pier, so I guess they’re kinda necessary, but they also got in my way for a “down the center” shot. And yes, the light really was that golden.

This pier is 1,045 feet long, 25 feet wide and 23 feet high (if I remember correctly). It’s the second longest pier on the east coast. It is really quite an impressive sight. I wanted to be up on it for the sunrise pics, but access to the top wasn’t available. I’m getting fond of the beach shots anyway. :)

Details, if you’re interested.

Gibbs Gardens

I went to Gibbs Gardens in north Georgia for the first time today. It opened to the public last year in March, and it’s pretty cool.

I have a ton of photos to post later, but I wanted to put one of my favorites up tonight. Jim Gibbs is the owner of the gardens, and this is some of the gorgeous landscaping in the front of his house, seen in the distance. I can’t imagine I would like having strangers walking right up to my porch, but apparently, he doesn’t mind. :)

Anyway, I will post more pictures and more information about it later. If you’re interested, you can visit their website.

Details of the picture.  (The front flowers are out of focus because the focus was on the house in the distance. Normally, I focus on foreground objects, but not this time. Just wanted to let you know this was not a mistake. :)


A spread of fruit like this was part of every meal last week at our national Users Group meeting. I enjoyed taking photos of the desserts, salads, and even the bread, because it was so beautifully displayed and tasty looking. The tray was long and narrow, so that’s why this photo is so much shorter than most I post here.

Right after snapping this picture, there was one less piece of cantaloupe. :)

Who Knew?!

I thought this kind of flowering tree was called a Tulip Tree. I think I even referred to it last year as such (in a bad pun, of course). However, Tulip Trees have yellow flowers. This is actually a flower on a Saucer Magnolia. Whatever it’s called, it’s still a beautiful bloom. Looking forward to more color and life springing forth these next few weeks!

Beauty in the Dying

I was just marveling today at the amazing colors still showing up in the trees. I’m not sure if I’m just remembering last year dimly or not, but this year’s colors seem more wonderfully vibrant than last year’s.

I enjoy nature in every season, but there’s just something about fall that moves me deeply. There’s something so wistful in knowing that the leaves become glorious only as they’re dying. These leaves were on the fence in my backyard. Beauty everywhere.